Dibit Sports Days

On February, 28th a majority of the Dibit staff members met at the ice channel in Innsbruck, Igls with the successful olympic silver medal winner of Sotchi 2014, Andreas and Wolfgang Linger. Equipped with´race suits and a certain portion of courage all of them went downhill together with the pros'. Fortunately everybody arrived undamaged. At this point a big thank-you to both of the sympathic bobsleigh riders. The exciting afternoon ended at Ägidihof in Igls in a more relaxed atmosphere.

The next day a selection of the Dibit staff faced the competition in a soccer match against the 1st FC Kerngesund as the organiser. Further teams were Hangover 13, the Flitzer and FC Crocodil.

Stanzertal: Tunnel Breakthrough on February, 23rd 2014

On February, 23rd 2014 breaking through the tunnel of the project hydropower plant Stanzertal took place. Thanks to a well-executed survey by Dibit the breakthrough occurred with pinpoint accuracy.

Stuttgart 21

The work of Dibit Messtechnik GmbH on the construction site of the railway project "Stuttgart 21" has already begun!
Since November 2013 the dibit excavation scanner FSC 5100 SrsF1 is on-the-spot and in use. The dibit team sent us a "little different" picture from the work site.

Good luck!

Hydropower Station Stanzertal

The ALIMAK advance work in the pressure shaft reached the final height. In the course of this control points were successfully mounted in a height of about 120 meter and accordingly the profile of the ventilating tunnel was mapped.
The dibit team managed this not everyday and dangerous job in excellent cooperation with the ALIMAK mining crew.

BBT - Brenner Base Tunnel

Initial surveying work for the contract section Wolf II of the Brenner Base Tunnel has started.
In the course of the construction of a forest road the scarp is geodetical monitored to determine its creep behaviour.

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