Network Measurement

Roppen Tunnel - Austria

Project Related Data

Project executed2006 - 2008
Tunnel lengthapp. 5.100 lfm
Highway tunneldouble track with cross cuts to the 1st tube
Servicesgeotechnical measurements, comprehensive tunnel scanner survey, network measurements, construction survey
Client / OwnerASFINAG
Baumanagement GMBH
Rotenturmstrasse 5-9
A 1011 Wien

Project Description

The upgrade of the Roppener tunnel with the addition of a second tube is part of ASFINAG’s tunnel expansion program to increase tunnel safety throughout Austria. In the course of this program highway tunnels with just one tube are to be extended with a second tube. Between the two tunnels cross cuts are to be established along with the refurbishment and additional recesses in existing tunnel tubes.
Geotechnical Measurement
The survey program of the geological measurements included geodetic deformation measurements above and below ground, as well as extensometer and inclinometer measurements. Geodetical monitoring measurements were accomplished for the lattice tower in the eastern section with loose rock along with the information buildings, access bridge to B171, traffic areas, roundabout and art piece at the interchange Pitztal and also the highway bridge before the western portal. Additional the existing portal buildings were permanently monitored by means of geodetical survey during construction works.
Tunnel Scanner Survey
The comprehensive tunnel scanner perfomance involved the allowance-related recording of the excavation, shotcrete, insulating layer and final lining. The results were delivered to the client within 24 hours.
Evidence of the First Tube and the Portal Building
A comprehensive documentation including 3D-model of the 1st tube was issued. Existing damages (cracks, spalls, water ingresses, etc.) were gathered and were mapped in a database-based tunnel information system. During construction work additional follow up surveys were accomplished in the portal areas.
Network Monitoring
The monitoring program for the survey network consisted of measuring the parallel tunnels fixed point and control network. During construction downtime (Easter, Christmas) checks where carried out on the control network and corrections made if necessary.
Construction Survey
Within the construction survey the complete stake out and inspection measurements were accomplished. These services were part of the collaboration with the contractor ARGE tunnel Roppen.

Tunnel Gröden - Italy

Project Related Data

Project executed9/2007
Tunnel length850 m
Road tunneldouble track
Servicesgeotechnical measurements, network / check measurements
Client / Owner

Ingenieurbüro EUT GmbH
Dantestraße 132
I 39042 Brixen



Project Description

Heart of the bypass Gröden are the 475 meter long tunnel Monte Pana and the 375 meter long tunnel Saslong. Both tunnels were excavated one-way each, after the  principles of the New Austrian Tunnelling Method (NATM). In the portal areas the excavation occurred within loose material and an excavation cross section of about 100 m² as crown, bench and bottom drive.
Beyond the portal areas the excavation cross section averaged to 75 m². The monitoring program of geotechnical measurements includes geodetic deformation measurements above and below ground. The network measurements comprised of the verification of the given network points and their compensation as well as the production of new fixed points.
The geodetic deformation measurements are continuously measured and analyzed and visualized with dibit GTM.

This project was executed as a joint venture.

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