Underground- and Civil Engineering

Dibit Messtechnik GmbH uses the technology of laser scanning, which captures construction parts highly precise and with maximum speed (from 24,000 to 250,000 points / sec) over distances up to 200 m.

Range of Performance

Our accomplishment encloses the creation of the necessary fixed point fields, the appropriation of necessary scanner systems, the implementation of scans, the register of scans and their combination to registered 3D building models.

Available Results

  • scatter diagrams of construction parts

  • textured 3D building models

  • cross sections

  • ground plans

  • picture documentation of 3D building models

User of Data

railroad companies, road or power plant operators, engineers, constructors etc.

Measuring Equipment and Software

For the implementation of scans we use laser scanner of reliable manufacturers which fulfil the last state of the art. The scanner systems are mountable on vehicles. The evaluation of measuring data and the creation of results occur with standard software, or for line construction works with dibit HRSSL software.

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