Geotechnical Monitoring

Today the supervision of tunnels is carried out with classical geodetic methods and most modern electronic sensors.

Range of Performance

Our accomplishment encloses the appropriation of surveying targets and sensors, implementation of measurements, data evaluation and creation of deformation and status diagram's for

  • 3D Deformation Measurements: subsidences, convergences...
  • Geotechnical Measurements by means of Sensors: extensometer, inclinometer, pressure cells, ...

Measuring Equipment and Evaluation

For the measurement of the 3D deformation points we use state of the art total stations. The evaluation of measuring data and the creation of deformation graphics occur with dibit GTM - Geotechnical Monitoring.

The measuring data of the geotechnical sensors are taken down by special datalogger and are evaluated and graphically processed with the software specific for manufacturer.

dibit - Projects Geotechnical Monitoring

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