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dibit Airborne system was developed to create an easy, quick and reasonable possibility for the recording of aerial pictures. It is a photogrammetric system - the camera positions and camera orientations are determined by GPS and inclination measurement.


The recording hardware exists of the following components: high-resolution digital colour camera, inclination sensor and differential-GPS system. Of course an airplane is required, nevertheless, no modifications or special picture flight equipments are necessary.

Aereal Photograph

After a picture flight oriented survey photographs are available. The photogrammetric evaluation occurs automatically with dibit software modules.


The evaluation result of the survey photographs is a digital area model (DGM) and the associated ortho picture of the flown area.

From this digital area model (DGM) different data can be obtained, which are available for further use in CAD and GIS systems:

Ground plans, contour lines, terrain edges, basic data for geoinformation systems, VRML models for the 3D - visualisation of area formations, and much more.

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