Solutions - Tunnel

Our research and development department optimizes and improves solutions constantly. All requirements of tunnel projects can be implemented customized and on the latest technical state with tools of Dibit Messtechnik GmbH. The solutions for a tunnel survey can be optionally combined or applied separately if needed. The complete service package is available, divided in following sections:

TSC Tunnelscanner

Full area 3D-survey of the tunnel surface in all construction phases - from excavation to final lining. Documentation of the tunnel construction work and its characteristics, including fixtures, damages, rehabilitation areas or implemented rehabilitation measures with dibit TIS (Tunnel Information System).

GSL Geodetic Solution for Linear Structures

Performing and processing of geodetic survey tasks for linear structures. These tasks include – deformation monitoring of tunnel linings, layout work, control point checks and network adjustments.

MLS Motor Laser System

Semi-automated tunnel guidance system for tunnel excavation. This system carries out predefined surveying tasks for - excavation profile layout, girder set out, profile check, guide laser for drilling and canopy pipe layout. These tasks can be easily accomplished by the mining crew or foreman. The required robotic total station can be either mounted on a bracket or free positioned on a tripod.

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