dibit GSL - Geodetic Solution for Linear Structures

The dibit GSL, Geodetic Solution for Linear Structures has been designed for tunnel construction related surveying tasks and includes several functionalities for geodetic calculations. The software is also well suited for other linear structures with alignment and profile calculations.

dibit GSL consists of the two modules, which are GTM for geotechnical monitoring and CSS for construction surveying.

GeoMan / GeomDef – Geometry Definition

GeoMan offers a comfortable way to edit, calculate, test and manage 3D geometric data for tunnels and other alignment based structures. It enables the calculation of 3 dimensional alignments consisting of horizontal plan axis, vertical plan axis, profiles and the profile ranges for different construction stages.

dibit GTM – Geotechnical Monitoring

The dibit GTM office solution has been designed to calculate epoch point coordinates from trigonometric monitoring data and provides for standardized depictions of time/displacement and vector-diagrams. Due to its integrated point and deformation database it is very easy to use.

Download: Product Information: dibit GTM

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