dibit MLS Motor Laser System

dibit MLS consists of a total station (Leica series 1200) with automatic target detection and reflectorless distance measurement. The electricity supply occurs about a power pack (t-box), where different communication solutions (W-LAN, radio modem, serial interface) can be attached to enable the remote control of the total station. The operation is carried out by a small field computer (Toughbook Panasonic), where the software for the motor laser is installed.

Download Product Information: dibit MLS


Advance Stakeout/Survey

  • stakeout and display of survey points for single bores and drilling patterns
  • visualization and stakeout of the actual profile
  • visualization and stakeout of lattice girder
  • visualization and stakeout of pipe umbrella

Profile Check

  • check of excavation profile
  • check of position of lattice girder
  • check of shotcrete profile

Device Positioning and Equipment Guiding

  • drilling vehicle / drilling beam
  • tunnel scanner
  • shotcrete mobile
  • tunnel saw
  • road header
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