TSC Tunnel Scanner Hardware

The applied hard- and software components are optimally harmonized. The hardware is assembled from modular components in combination with Leica total-stations and the dibit acquisition software (ACQ).

A variety of system carts allow the use of the tunnel scanners in every tunnel environment. With this modularity and flexibility projects can be executed with precision at a reasonable price.

LSC 4200-MRsF1

The laser scanner system (LSC) 4200-MRsF1 is optimized for a variety of in-situ assessments. The combination of laser scanner (geometric data) and digital color-camera (surface documentation) allows for a large number of calculations, visulalitations and data analysis.

Download: Product Sheet: dibit TSC - Tunnelscanner


FSC 5100-SRsF1

The dibit handheld fotogrammetric measuring system (FSC) 5100-SRsF1 is optimized for comprehensive surveys of tunnel drives, especially of excavation. The combination of the high-resolution digital color-camera and efficient processing software enables the implementation of tunnel scans at the tunnel face with highest possible mobility. The complexity of the system has been shifted from the hardware into the processing software.

Download: Product Sheet: dibit TSC - On-Site Tunnelscanning Handheld-System

LSC 4100-SRmF2

The laser scanner system (LSC) 4100-SRmF2 is optimized for use on roads or rails for a variety of in-situ assessments. The combination of high-resolution laser scanner, digital color-camera and dynamic sensors allows for the continuous recording of the tunnel surface during constant movement of the scanner system through the tunnel.

Download: Product Sheet: dibit TSC - Tunnelscanner

FSC 6100-SRmF10

The fotogrammetric measuring system (FSC) 6100-SRmF10 is designed for high-speed survey in tunnel structures. During a continuous movement, the system takes photos of the tunnel surface in a 360-degree-locking manner. High-speed cameras of the latest generation enable a 3D reconstruction, respectively texturing of entire tunnel structures with an unprecedented speed and precision.

Download: Product Sheet: dibit TSC - Tunnelscanner

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