TSC Tunnelscanner - Results

Digital, graphical results and exports

Digital 3D-model

The digital 3D-model in connection with dibit viewer enables the real-time visualization of a structure. Thus a virtual inspection of the tunnel on the computer is possible. Any other results are either derived from the 3D-model, or show its depictions.

Graphical Depictions / Plots

Profileplots: show the divergence of a tunnel surface to its reference alignment or to other tunnel surfaces. These are, for example excavation vs. target profile or excavation vs. shotcrete. These divergences are, according to their size, depicted in different colours, provided in a so called false-colour contour-map.
Surface Plots: These show the divergences described above as a processing of the tunnel surface. Points with the same divergence are connected with each other, which depicts layer lines similar like a map (contour-map), a so-called surface plot.
Ortho-Images: An ortho - image is a pictorial representation of the tunnel surface, which is normally projected on the relation profile. The ortho-image can be depicted as a black / white - or colour image. In addition, a coloured contour-map (like the surface plot) can be shown in the ortho-image.

Digital, numerical results and exports

Calculations in List Format

Various calculations (e.g. tunnel lining concrete) from the 3D-model are issued as a table and can be embedded in spreadsheets of a calculation program (eg. MS Excel) to be used for further processing.


Directly from the dibit analyze a VRML model for a selected application area can be created, which allows a three-dimensional inspection of the tunnel also in viewer programs of third-party manufacturers. Additionally point clouds can be provided as ASCII data and profiles can be issued as AutoCAD-script.


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