TSC Tunnelscanner - Software

The software of the dibit tunnel scanner is built up as a modular system. The operating draught and therefore the use of the single modules is by and large in accordance with the data flow from the recording to the ready 3D-model of a tunnel.

Definiton of Geometry

The geometry encloses tunnel axis and profile order, as well as longitudinal and transverse inclinations of a tunnel. This geometry forms the reference framework for performance reports between the consisting and the planned tunnel.


The aquisition software steers the hardware components of a tunnel scanner system. For photo -, as well as for laser - and hybrid - scanner systems the same aquisition software is used. Therefore users find the way immediately, also with a system change.


From the measuring data of the varied hardware components the evaluation software generates a coherent 3D-model of the surveyed tunnel surface. This 3D-model forms the basis for all other investigations and calculations.

Analyze / Visualization

The dibit viewer is the interactive user interface to the 3D-model of a tunnel. The viewer allows the user to three dimensionally inspect the tunnel structure. A two dimensional planar view is also incorporated which makes navigating easy. The software carries an arsenal of analyzing and editing tools for further data treatment which allows performing volume calculations, 3D distance measurements, geometric analysis, exporting xyz coordinates and checking for profile deviations.

Tunnel Information-System (TIS)

dibit TIS is an extension of the dibit viewer. It features the capabilities for tunnel lining condition assessments with tools for mapping of tunnel objects (joints, niches etc.), tunnel installations (lights, traffic signs, safety, etc.) or deficiencies (cracks, spalls, etc.). Field notes and additional pictures taken during the field investigation can be linked to a mapped object with TIS as well.

Download: Product Information: dibit TIS

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