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Very often the best way to find out whether something is worth making is to make it, distribute it, and then to see,
after the product has been around a few years, whether it was worth the trouble.
Edwin Land (1909-1991)

Our work at Dibit Measuring Technique is heavily inspired by these words. We develop our measuring systems ourselves, continuously work on improving them and use them day in day out for our work. Our values and convictions are present in our every action. In combination with our skilled employees, they build the foundation for our success. That’s what our partners appreciate about us and what allows us all to successfully complete projects together.

Research and Development

Research and development are our highest priorities. Continuous improvement of our systems consists of finding new solutions and improving quality along the way.


Inhouse R&D

Research and development take place directly in our company.  That way, we strive to directly engrain new ideas into the development of our systems. We focus on always incorporating newest research results. This helps us to stay up to date with rapid technological developments and set new benchmarks in our field.



Thanks to newest technology we can deliver true-color imaging with a resolution of 1x1 mm.  Quality is our priority not only when creating the end results, but also during the entire duration of the project. Our employees are happy to advise you on which of our systems could be best suited for your individual needs.



We put a lot of importance on incorporating our employees’ ideas into development processes. We continuously evaluate new thoughts and suggestions and try to put them into practice. This process allows us to test new possibilities and utilize them to, as a company, withstand the growing expectations placed on technological solutions.



We fully stand behind our values and don’t just incorporate them into our daily work, we also want to convey them on the outside.


Effectivity and Reliability

We are constantly on the lookout for the best possible solutions. Thanks to our numerous measuring jobs all over the world we were able to develop a system that has proved itself and gets improved relentlessly. Thereby, reliability is one of the key qualities on our minds.  Precision and dependability are our main objectives.


Customer orientation

Our customers and their satisfaction with our work are the center of our attention.  We fully focus on their needs and wishes. Besides our standardized solutions we also offer customized approaches. We are by our customers’ sides from start to finish of every project.


Thanks to newest technological developments we can deliver true-color imaging with a resolution of 1x1 mm. With the use of these images, cracks and other damage on the tunnel surface can be detected and analyzed. We work with a high level of accuracy to finish our measurement tasks quickly and straightforwardly.



Thanks to our values and convictions we built a foundation for a connected company culture.



We are team players because we know that problems can most efficiently be solved together while combining various skills. Our cohesion and team spirit are strengthened at company events and when we have lunch together. Our amazing team proves everyday that community plays a key role in the contentment of our employees.


Sustainable Choices

To give our younger generations access to a safe future full of biodiversity, we care about sustainability. We try to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible and always strive to reduce our carbon emissions and produce as little waste as possible.
We can almost completely avoid electric waste. Our “old” systems are deconstructed and the individual building elements are used for creating new solutions.


Our employees are skilled in various areas, which helps us to solve complex problems. We especially care about managing our internal knowledge, which helps us to combine competences and have them available for specific tasks. We never stop changing, developing and passing our broad knowledge on to new employees.

Associates and Customers

Thanks to the cooperation with our development and sales partners, we have the chance to grow together and thus constantly win new customers.



Joanneum Research

Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
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8010 Graz



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Donau-City-Straße 1
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Port Melbourne VIC 3207


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Two Penn Center West
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Pittsburgh, PA 15276


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Faringdon SN7 8LA


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