dibit Solutions: TSC Tunnelscanner FSC 6100-SRmF10

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Our Services

We focus on surveying services in the domains of Tunnel Construction, Scanning and Geodesy of Engineering. With the help of our qualified employees we comply your requirements with highly precise dibit solutions (hardware and software).

Tunnel Construction

We produce all necessary surveying services for planning, construction and operation, for maintenance as well as for rehabilitation and modernization of tunnel projects. Our competence encloses tunnel scanning, network measurements, geotechnical measurements, 3D deformation measurements and construction survey.


Construction Survey

The construction survey makes sure that the tunnel is excavated in the right direction, the counter leading advances meet and all components are installed where they should be.


Geotechnical Measurement

During tunnel construction deformations are monitored in order to enhance the safety of the excavated tunnel. Dibit Messtechnik GmbH provides experienced personal with high precision instruments.



Tunnel scanning is a modern technology for a quick and complete capture of tunnel surfaces by using laser scanning.


Network Measurement

Especially in tunnelling new portal networks must be created or existing network fields must be densified by the creation of additional interpoints. The maintenance of a highly precise advance network during the tunnel construction work is of the highest necessity for the construction survey.



Today the generation of complex surfaces as full area 3D models is necessary to generate construction plans and to calculate volumes as well as to investigate, observe and document damages and deformations. For data acquisition we use photogrammetry, the state-of-the-art laser scanner technology and hybrid systems. Scanning, within the scope of our services encloses the business areas of civil engineering and plant construction as well as geological formations and remote survey.


Civil Engineering

The same methods apply for civil structures e.g. bridges, highways, pipelines and channels for maintenance and quality control as well as for inspection, rehabilitation and modernization.


Structural Engineering

The exact and quick as-built documentation of infrastructures is crucial for facility mangement and for the implementation of structural refurbishments and rehabilitations. Deterioreted buildings are often complicated to surey with conventional single point methods due to irregularities of the building. Therefore Dibit Messtechnik GmbH provieds an areal data recording process with laser scanning technology.


Geological Formation

The detail mapping of uneven geological formations requires the recording of multiple points.


Geodesy of Engineering

Geodesy of Engineering

Our highly qualified graduated surveyors, with long-standing experience at home and abroad, offer to you precise surveying work within the bound of geodesy of engineering. These surveying works are GPS measurements, network-, check- and monitoring measurements, perpetuations of evidence as well as automated monitoring.

For the individual business areas we developed special solutions, which are provided to our clients within the scope of system renting, to enable an independent implementation of measurement tasks. Beside the system instruction, the professional support of the clients during the renting duration also belongs to this scope of business.