dibit Solutions

Based on our long-standing experiences we create tools for the solutions of complex surveying tasks. These tools exist of hardware solutions for the field practice and software solutions for evaluation, 3D modelling and visualisation.

Our solutions are not only applied by ourselves, we also provide them for you. Therefore you can accomplish own surveying projects, according to the requirements and specifications of your clients. Our research and development department optimises and improves these solutions constantly, so you are able to carry out your orders with the state-of-the-art technologies. We subdivide our dibit solutions into three groups: Tunnel, Terra and Air.

Tunnel Solutions

Photogrammetric and laser scanner systems for full area 3D surveying as well as software and automation solutions for surveying with classical geodetic methods.

Terra Solutions

Midrange and longrange laser scanner systems for full area 3D surveying of geological formations and constructions of engineering.

Air Solutions

Photogrammetric airborne system for quick and lowcost aerial pictures and creation of digital terrain models (DGM) with matching ortho - images.

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