Catskill Aqueduct

Project-related data

United States
Building / Object
Water Tunnel
Tunnel Scanning As-Built
Service detail
recorded length: 12,8 km
Customer / Builder / Operator
NYC Environmental Protection / Mott MacDonald
Execution period

Project description

The Lower Catskill Aqueduct (LCA) reconstruction project included the evaluation, design, and construction of improvements needed to ensure the reliable operation of this critical infrastructure for another century. The inspection helped determine the extent of repairs and reconstruction needed and formed the basis for the design approach for the required improvements. The non-pressurized sections were inspected by direct staff observations and laser scanning of the non-irrigated sections (Segments 1, 2, 3, 4).
The goal of the Dibit metrology was to create a geometrically accurate, color, textured 3D model of all four segments of the tunnel lining and associated components referenced to the project's global coordinate system. This model was then used by engineers to digitally document (identify, classify, quantify, and geolocate) defects in the tunnel lining and/or associated components.