E6 Dovrebanen

Project-related data

Building / Object
Railway Tunnel
2 times two lanes, 1 time two-track
Tunnel Scanning New Construction
Service detail
tunnel length: 3x 0,6 km
Customer / Builder / Operator
BeMo Tunnelling GmbH
Execution period
02/2013 - 04/2014

Project Description

Dovrebanen is a railway from Oslo to Trondheim in Norway. At the section Langset - Brohaug a new railway tunnel is constructed. Concurrently with this, the European route E6 is developed to a two double-track highway. Parallel to the railway tunnel the construction of two tunnel bores for the highway are accomplished. Each of the three bores are approximately 600 m long. Surveying works at Molykkja tunnel and the two Korslund tunnels are performed as a joint venture Alpine BeMo Tunnelling - Dibit Messtechnik GmbH.
Dibit deliveres a comprehensive construction phase survey of excavation, shotcrete, sealing layer and tunnel lining. For this construction project the tunnel scanner system dibit LSC 4200-MR, as well as the newly developed scanner system dibit FSC 5100-sF1, complete with hard- and software for scanning, performing, visualisation and instant data depiction are in use. The dibit LSC 4200MR - system is supplemented with a digital camera, with which it`s possible to generate textured 3D-models in true colors.